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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Mail Services at (361) 825-2684

Q:   How do I set up my mailbox?

A:  Students who are Island  Campus Housing Residents:
       Login to, select “My Mailbox” and complete the form.

Other Faculty, Staff, and Students may rent a mailbox by presenting their SandDollars ID card at the Mail Services service window in the University Center.


Q:   What’s my address?

A:   Student’s Full Name

6515 Ocean Drive,  Unit# ________

Corpus Christi, Texas 78412-####

(DO NOT use a room assignment in the address line)


Q:   What time can I pick up my mail?

A:   Mail will be in your mailbox by 1pm every day.


Q:   I received an email about a package.  When can I pick it up and what do I need?

A:   Packages are ready at 1pm.  You’ll need your Sanddollar ID card and the pick-up slip placed in your mailbox to get your package.  No exceptions.


Q:   Can I call to find out what mail is inside my box?

A:   No, as your agent we are not authorized to discuss over the phone the contents of any particular box.


Q:   Can I have someone else pick up my mail or package?

A:   No, you are the only authorized user for the mailbox. 


Q:   Can I receive mail or packages for someone else?

A:   No, you will only receive mail and packages in your name.


Q:   Can I send outgoing mail or packages?

A:   Yes, there are several U.S. Postal boxes around campus and a drop slot at the mail

center.  For packages or large items you may use UPS services available at the mail

center location.