Islander Dining
MIRAMAR Residents please note that your base meal plan will be automatically loaded to your student account. If you would like to increase your dining dollars or your amount of meals please contact the SandDollar$ Office! 
Starting in August 2020, dining plans at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi have been designed to provide you with meal options that best fit your schedule, budget, and lifestyle. This year, all Meal Plans are BLOCK meal plans, which provides Islanders the flexibility to redeem their meal swipes whenever they want throughout the semester instead of weekly allotments. We have added meal trades that can be used at our retail locations: Chick-Fil-A, Copperhead Jack's (new to campus for Fall 2020), Panda Express, and even the Islander Food Truck. Miramar Residents now have the ability to select the amount of dining dollars for their meal plan and expense it to their student account. We kept the ever-popular Dining Dollar Bonus Plans, providing up to a 10% savings at all dining locations across campus. Commuter Students continue to have the option of the Block 50 plan with 100 Dining Dollars. 

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Student Meal Plans

We offer a meal plan for everyone! Our block plans allow you to use as many meals per week to fit your appetite! Block plans offer flexibility, variety, convenience and customization. Check out all of our meal plans below! 

Student Meal Plans

*Students residing at Miramar are required to have a meal plan each semester of the academic year. Students in Residence Halls are required to have the Island 200 base plan. Students in Apartments are required to have the Beach 160 base plan or Island 200 base plan. Momentum residents as well as commuter students are able to select any Block Meal Plan or Dining Dollar Bonus Plan. If you want additional Dining Dollars, contact the SandDollar$ Office at for assistance in adding this to your student account.

Block Meal Plans

Island 200
200 Meal Swipes + 300 Dining Dollars $1,985 (Plus Tax)
200 Meal Swipes + 200 Dining Dollars $1,890 (Plus Tax)
200 Meal Swipes + 100 Dining Dollars (Base Plan) $1,805 (Plus Tax)

This plan offers:

  • 12-13 Meal Swipes per week
  • 2 Meal Trades per week
  • 5 Donation Swipes per semester
Beach 160
160 Meal Swipes + 400 Dining Dollars $1,860 (Plus Tax)
160 Meal Swipes + 300 Dining Dollars $1,765 (Plus Tax)
160 Meal Swipes + 200 Dining Dollars (Base Plan) $1,670 (Plus Tax)

This plan offers:

  • Average of 10 Meal Swipes per week
  • 2 Meal Trades per week 
  • 5 Donation Swipes per semester
Wave 50
50 Meal + 100 Dining Dollars $480 (Plus Tax)

This plan offers:

  • Average of 3 Meal Swipes per week
  • 2 Meal Trades per week
*Block Plan prices are listed per semester and do NOT include tax


Additional Meal Plan Options

Dining Dollar Bonus Plans 

500 Dining Dollars + 10% OFF AT ALL DINING LOCATIONS $500
300 Dining Dollars + 8% OFF AT ALL DINING LOCATIONS $300
200 Dining Dollars + 6% OFF AT ALL DINING LOCATIONS $200
  • Swipe your SandDollar$ Card: You will present your SandDollar Card to the cashier, who will swipe it at the register
  • Dining at the Islander Dining Hall: You will swipe your SandDollar$ Card (or scan your phone) at the register of the front entrance of the Islander Dining Hall. One swipe at the register = one meal swipe. One swipe grants you access to all-you-care-to-eat for as many as four times a day. Dependent on your Meal Plan, you have 200, 160 or 50 Meal Swipes to use for the entire semester.
  • Dining at Retail Locations: When dining at a retail location on campus you can use either a meal trade or dining dollars. 
  • What are Meal Trades? Meal trades add greater flexibility to our Meal Plans by allowing you to "trade" a Meal Swipe for a combo at a retail dining location. Meal Trades are accepted at Chick-Fil-A, Copperhead Jack's, Panda Express and the Islander Food Truck. So, head on over to Copperhead Jack's for an evening with a group of friends! Low on dining dollars? No worries! Use a Meal Trade! 
  1. LIFE SHOULD BE EASY. Just because you have your own kitchen doesn't mean you have time to cook. Buying a Meal Plan means: No shopping. No lunches to pack. No kitchen fires (hopefully). Plus, you don't have to carry cash.
  2. IT'S SOCIAL. Sharing food is a perfect excuse to catch up with friends or connect about a project. Eating on campus makes it easier to stay in touch and easier to get things done.
  3. GOOD FOOD. Our Chefs love to cook and we can accommodate all sorts of dietary needs without any fuss. Vegan, Flexitatian, or Gluten-Free? We'll have options for you every day. With over 10 locations across campus, there is always something to satisfy your cravings!
  4. TIME IS EVERYTHING! If you commute to campus chances are time is your most valuable commodity. Eating on campus makes it easier to manage a busy schedule! Fuel up between class, grab something on the run, and keep those extra minutes for yourself.
  5. SUSTAINABLE. SERIOUSLY. Our provider, Chartwells, has made industry-leading commitments to environmentally and social responsible sourcing. By eating on campus you know your food has been sourced with care.
Islander Dining Hall
Islander Dining Hall

The Islander Dining Hall is TAMUCC's primary location for campus dining. Inside you will find an all-you-care-to-eat concept that includes stations dedicated to home-style entrees, personal pan pizzas, and salads as well as made-to-order options like burgers, pasta, stir fry, Vegan/vegetarian options and more! No time to sit down and dine? There are to-go options available for your convenience. 

Accepts Meal Swipes, Dining Dollars, Cash, Credit or Debit.

The Cove

The Cove, located inside the University Center, is the go-to spot for all of your favorites. Here you will find a full-service Chick-Fil-A, Copperhead Jack's, Panda Express and Sushic. The Cove offers quick and delicious options for students always on the go. 

Accepts Meal Trades, Dining Dollars, Cash, Credit or Debit.

Cafes & More
Cafe's and More

In the heart of campus, you'll find Starbucks and Subway located next to the Bell Library to keep you alert during studying. Grab a bagel or smoothie from Einstein Bros. Bagels in the Dugan Wellness Center to refuel after your workout!  Need a quick cup of coffee and snack? Bottom Line Cafe in the O'Connor Building and Wall Mall in Bay Hall have you covered!

Dining Dollars, Cash, Credit or Debit Cards are accepted at these locations.